Monday, September 11, 2017

the party continues

I was thrilled to find another birthday card in the mail today and even happier to see that the total of donations to the Humane Society has passed 300 bucks with an initial goal of 200.  I feel the love kids.  Thank you for every single birthday wish.  

I went back to PT today and Jeanette did an asessment to give the NP a progress report.  I have full range of motion but limited strength with external rotation.  This includes things like getting the arm out of a sleeve.  I still have five visits left before seeing the NP again but it's much better.  It may take another round of therapy to get me in shape.

I'm in economy mode due to a short check last week.  The utility bill will just have to be late , as in ON the cutoff date.  Even then there will be an overdraft.  I'm really bad about keeping a running total in my head and forgetting what's out though I make it a habit to check daily unless I'm having a blonde moment.  

There's some kind of epizootie going around where people throw up and have to hang out out in the bathroom floor.  Please dear Lord, do not let me get this.  I'm worn down enough as it is.  But you know what?  At least I'm not living in Waterworld.  Yet.

I have a day off with a possibility of Irma's company.  I'll take it either way.  Y'all wear your seat belts, you hear?

Peace ~

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