Friday, September 8, 2017

birthday eve

Lauren and I have this thing about celebrating certain occasions ahead of time on the eve or eve eve.  I got my happy birthday eve message this morning which was followed by a card in the mail from my good friend Marti Ann.  After that I treated myself to coffee rubbed brisket at The Bus Stop and visited with my partner in journalism Rachel for some brain storming on the new project.  It's a long way from reality but an attainable goal I believe.  

I talked with Lorna this morning and she's pretty worried about her daughter Hazen who is right smack in the path of Irma.  We're trying to be upbeat but it's a pretty scary situation.  Add to that a big ass earthquake off the coast of Mexico and two more hurricanes and the west on fire and you have the perfect "storm."  Meanwhile the presidential team is off on retreat for the labor day weekend.  Meh.

The dogs are barking so that must mean Mamye is here!  Y'all have a wonderful long weekend and stay safe.  


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