Sunday, September 10, 2017

water world

I remember being scared when I watched that movie, even though Costner was hot.  As we all watch in horror as our coasts erode and try to help each other and be prepared, there are politicians who are not stepping to the plate in a national emergency situation like this.  I mean don't have to be elected by a certain party to get shit done.  I prefer to think of it as a hybrid of sorts.  Fiscal security is something we kissed off long ago to China.  My buddy Tim went there for work and said it was pretty bad.  Bought all the girls knockoff watches!

We can do this thing together.  The POTUS and his tribe have no clue what it's like to be living in this time of hatred and division which he PROMOTES.  Wall my ass.  Put the wall money toward infrastructure repair before the whole continent collapses.  Do not tell people who have known only the US as home that they will be deported back to the 'hood.  Over the wall, of course.  Phhhtt.

The only thing that keeps me going is comedy like Stewart and Colbert and of course SNL.  I haven't heard from my good buddy Trae Crowder lately but I bet he's on the porch somewhere speaking his mind about hurricanes and whatnot.  Hey...It's a Tennessee thang.  Speaking of which another superb win by the Vols over ummm.  I forgot.

We have very little UT memorabilia left.  One piece is cartoonish and hangs on the office wall.  We sold them one by one to folks who wanted a piece of the Stafford legacy.  Some were gifts.  Of all the kazillion birthday wishes I got yesterday nothing thrilled me more than seeing that friends had passed the goal for my furbaby fundraiser.  I love everybody and you're next.

I also got to see pics of two of Ryder's puppies who are beautiful young 'uns.  I will never forget the sight of Carol and those kids in the mud checking them out.  They took 2 , one of whom is known as Maggie.  Her brother's name is Jet and lives with his buddy Nova.  Julie Purdy rescued five, bless her sweet heart.  It takes a village.  Always be kind and gentle because you never know how that love will come back to you.  I truly believe that with a healthy dose of realism.  Shit happens and it's happening at an alarming rate because of fossil fuel use.  

Always....the next right thing.

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