Monday, September 4, 2017


No, I'm not at the sawmill but have my work cut out for me here at home.  I've steady been washing, folding, hanging and whatnot since Thursday night.  I am now about to tackle the dining room that's been blocked off forever and the living room minus all the baby stuff.  There is a walker, car seat and stroller here for Reaves and a swing still hanging on the tree from our baby Jordan days.  Now we wait.

I went to the gentral this morning ( of course ) to get supplies for the cat that injured my nose.  What a thankless job being her mama!  My neighbor mentioned that she had a chest fo' free and I stopped by there to look at it on her totally cute front porch.  There's also a queen size mattress and springs.  Holla if you want it, also fo' free.  I loved the chest and will get it transported whenever some guy with a truck helps me out.  I had to dodge the meanass rooster named Kevin and then watched with delight as all the baby chickens went running around the yard.  

I'm doing my homework in fits and starts on the shoulder.  It's much better thanks to our fabulous PT department.  My time with them is actually FUN!  I just want to maintain enough pain free mobility to avoid that hideous surgery.  Been there, done that.  It's awful.

My little dream of an artist's colony downtown is still on the back burner but lots of folks are interested.  Since I do not have the money, I would have to find a financial backer for said enterprise.  My cousin Wayne told me I'd die of starvation which is probably true.  Hey...there's always Etsy.  I am currently creating a staging area in the dining room for just that purpose.  

I heard a few gunshots this morning which means somebody got after the doves for a minute.  That place is so off the beaten path you would have to have an ATV to get there in the mud.  The last hunt my Daddy attended was five years ago on the hill right across from my house.  Bubba fried lunch and all the guys took off with their guns.  As I remember Jim Houston was the only one with a dog.  Love me some retrievers.  Daddy held court next to the cattle rub from PH White days and had a blast.  

Y'all be careful out there ~

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