Thursday, September 7, 2017

another one bites the dust

My date after work today was at the dentist's office to get another pulled.  Pretty soon I'll be gumming the groceries.  Tommorow is payday and I work the weekend which includes my birthday.  Please let there be cake.  One of my favorite nurses, also named Janie, used to bake everybody in the hospital a cake on their birthday.  She's still there kicking with the rest of us old souls.  

God bless Florida is all I can say.  And St. Martin and all the other places that were leveled even before Irma decided to run up the keys and then along the east coast.  I talked to my friend Scotty today whose inlaws have a property in St. Martin and he said the airport was totally destroyed.  He and wifey live in Hilton Head and even THEY have an evacuation plan for the hospitals where they work.  Think smart people......climate change is here to stay.

The fires scare me more than anything.  With that much of our country burning there's bound to come a time when there's no way to stop it from jumping the ditch.  Plus people are stupid and throw cigarettes in the woods.  I'm a smoker and I don't even do that.  

I know...I should quit.  And I will eventually.  If you measure what I burn up in ashtrays against what I inhale, I'm probably under 10 a day.  My mother did the same thing.  As did her mother.  

I have a day off.  Leave a message at the *beep.

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