Saturday, September 2, 2017

new injury

My cat Lily is a total diva and bitch.  She prowls around the office whining when she's not getting the attention she believes that she deserves as the golden child, even when she has food.  I wasn't paying a lot of attention to her rambling this morning because I was doing the wake up and check the internet thing.  All of a sudden a bulletin board that was propped on the side table came crashing down and smacked me on the nose.  And yes, there was blood.  If you see me in the next few days just act like you don't see that bandaid over the middle of my face.  

There is lots of activity at the fairgrounds this weekend in preparation for the annual Dyer County Fair.  It's a bittersweet time for me because of my parents involvement over the years.  I worked the entrance gate for several years and almost always my birthday falls during fair week.  Last year's fair was in honor of my dad and Jerry Jackson.  I was supposed to go to opening night and receive the honor but had an emotional breakdown over the thought of it and was a no show.  Joey Pritchett accepted the award for our family since he's been here with us for a lifetime.  It was still just too fresh for me.  

I visited the chicken store for beer and crispitos ( breakfast of champions ) and found that gas prices have jumped from 2.09 to 2.47.  Thanks Harvey.  Just in time for holiday travel.

It's a beautiful day in the hood so I should get outside and play a bit.  The garden is almost gone except for a few tiny green maters and some herbs.  Time for fall crop planting if there are any on the shelves.  We shall see.  

If you are laboring on labor day, bless your heart ^j^

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