Wednesday, April 27, 2016

terrific tuesday

I'm on a different shift this week because a co-worker had surgery yesterday while I was in Jackson.  She is a younger version of me, hippie and all.  What started out as a quiet morning turned into umm, shall we say "one helluva' day" for the old Poopster.  I won't elaborate because HIPPA and all but dayum...give a girl a break.  Everywhere I turned there was a problem and at quitting time I was pulled into an audit type deal when I was absolutely at my worst due to all the drama.  I suppose life had another smack in the head for me to look for greener pastures or just stay the course for a better day.

When I finally rolled into home base I noticed that Ryan had done his magic on the grass and there was a crop duster doing circles over the wheat.  Now I can go outside without fear of Mr. Snake crawling up my pants but there's still the tick thing.  Especially when you sleep with multiple dogs...just saying.  I horrified the audit group by pulling one off the back of my neck and flinging him mercilessly into a cardboard box full of records.  UCMTSU.

Annie and several other folks called while I was busy and I just got off the phone with her.  Our system goes like this:  If she needs to write a note to someone in particular she leaves me a message and then I call her back and let it hit voicemail and spell out the words so that "her help" can do the addressing.  She lives in Austin and they're expecting what the weather channels call a "significant tornadic outbreak" tonight.  Tell me global warming ain't real.

I still have no plan for the critters while I'm on vacay but feel certain I have enough folks to help out.  Since I started this post I've rinsed lathered and repeated and only THOUGHT yesterday was bad until I met today's asshole du jour.  Once again, in the name of privacy, I will only spell out the basics of the situation which involved someone telling me I'm not worth a shit at my job not once but twice.  I've had patients and family members lash out at me before but it never ceases to sting when a random insult smacks me in the face.  This jerk didn't get enough satisfaction from telling me off to my face back so he proceeded to fill the next client in on what a worthless piece of shit I am.  I could tell that the hearee was pretty embarrassed for dude and he told me he was sorry that I got treated like that.  My response was : "I'm sorry you had to see it."  Some people.

The monsoons have begun again and I was dripping wet when I ran in to make a payment on the dryer at GAFCO.  One of the few remaining small town businesses, they offer interest free financing for three months which will usually be doable for an appliance.  Plus, they deliver and haul off fo' free.  Just about every piece of furniture I've bought over the years came from there.  One time I spent 5K in a chunk when we moved to the country.  Guess I should have saved that money for hard times.

  You know when you find yourself in a situation where it's best to just walk away?  Yeah.  Today was one of those for me.  If that mofo only knew how tired and broken I am he would be afraid of a Towanda style PoopieJane fit which is pretty close to a running Stafford one.

Peace be still ~


  1. I wish you could get out of there. I mean.. no money sucks, but man is it nice to not have to deal with butt monkeys.