Thursday, April 7, 2016

spoon fed

I hate grocery shopping but it had to be done so there I went Krogering after work yesterday.  When you have a big load you better be good at the self check or the attendant will have to stand right there by your side.  I can't imagine how many folks like my parents try to go through there and don't have a clue.  My brother passed by on his way to clock out and smirked at me with a comment that the bottom was about to fall out.....which it sure as hell did right as I walked through the door.  Two other more patient ladies stood under the canopy waiting for it to pass but I pulled that Camry up to the curb and loaded it up.  I was about to figure out how to lift 50 pounds of dog food when an angel of a kid showed up in a yellow raincoat offering his help.  You don't get that kind of attention at Wallyworld, just saying.    BG then proceeded to unload the haul while I dried off.  Monsoon, kids.  Freakin' monsoon!

The power was out when I got here so we sat in the dark and quietly chatted about random things while we unpacked.  It's a relationship that we've grown into with she teaching me to be more organized and me trying desperately not to be a slob.  Slobs DO NOT find sugardaddies.  She had called me at work to tell me about Merle Haggard which was noteworthy, to say the least.  When the Beatles and James Taylor start dying, y'all just bury me too.

Asparagus is back up and at it thanks to a warm spell.  The mowing really did help so I'll have to send yard guy a thankyou note.  I'm sharing this delicacy with the neighbors who have rescued me on more than one occasion.  Carney made some pimento cheese for brother and I so there's that little blessing.  I invented this thing one time with asparagus and crescent rolls plus turkey and cheese.  They were cute and a pain in the ass to make so of course that's what she asked me to make for her bridge club.  I helped her serve them, these friends for years, and learned about them only later in life when I started paying attention to her history.
One of my only regrets about things is that I never managed to get that cookbook back in print while she was alive.  I remember her telling me to time it where they'd be ready for Mother's Day gifts.  I still have the original books and it will happen.  I'm just not sure when.  As long as people are sick and dying,  it will probably have to be put "On the Back Burner."  I re-read my brother's eloquent piece written following Mama's death as I have done several times before.  It helps me to let go of the pain to remember that it was as good as could be expected in the middle of a blizzard when your Mama's dying and you're 12 hours away..  All of my co-workers were moved to tears.

Meanwhile, Rome burns I just reckon.  Not much active ISIS coverage so there's that to be thankful for.  Plus #bernie is putting on the gloves over the bank thing.  GET EM!!!!!!!!   I'm dying to find out the linkage of those US corporations out of the Nevada branch of Panama.  And right around election time!  What's been good with the Democratic race is that they have kept each other accountable.  Poor Mrs. Bernie forgot to submit a tax return and she gets her knickers in a twist.  Get over your bad self MS. Pac.  What's really ironic is the way the whole conservative bunch is regrouping on Trump.  They're all like "Umm" but then their only alternative is Cruz who is just as bad in a different way.   They have no viable candidate experience and support wise.  All of is being funded by previously mentioned superpacs.

Purple iris are blooming around the mailbox down at Casa Grands and they're gorgeous.  They came from somebody's yard I'm sure, just like all the ones I have.  Lorna left some last year when she was snowed in and had a heart attack here ( UCMTSU ).  My poor little straw bale garden is pretty sparse and the budget doesn't look good for more straw.  Hopefully Billy Jack will plant some sweet corn.  That's always a nice thing come July.

Chillax y'all ~


  1. Love the update. My asparagus is up, too, fat and sturdy. Problem is that I like the skinny little kind. take care.