Tuesday, April 12, 2016

eight things

You all know me enough to realize that I don't have a clue when I title a post where that title will take me on the keyboard.  It's a little exercise I use by grabbing the thought in my mind at the moment and um, "expounding" on it more or less until my wrists get tired.  I've never tried voice activation but I imagine it would make a good ramble as well.  So much of my ritual is just plain old habit, with the usual ten year old Dell desktop.  My laptops are "in hock" which means they're de-bugged but I can't afford to get them out until payday.  Priorities, and all that.  I'm thinking maybe the owner will take one in trade for payment on the debug of the other.  Who needs two??  Plus, there's the handy dandy paid for a year Word that I installed on both.  Note to self:  call him.

Evidently I hallucinated that cardinal out in the field yesterday because it's still there at the base of a limb.  It's warmer and drier today which is welcome.  We're at that pollen filled time in West Tennessee known as "hard spring" and things are doing their best to go forth and multiply.  I watched a bumblebee fighting ( and losing ) with the picture window and remembered being mean to them with a baseball bat when I was a kid.  Strings too..yeah.

The big money circus is turning into a whole lot bigger deal than most of us could imagine what with all the global hide and go seek with corporate funds.  I always remember in the 80s that the joke was about parking your money in the Caymans...hell even John Grisham wrote a book about it!   As.I.Type. door and window guy showed up with none other than the plumber/electrician who saved us from freezing to death a few years ago.  Long story.  WHAT a miracle!

I see one brave little asparagus spear peeking up but I'm sure there will be more.  This is peak season and usually it's covered in weeds by this time.  Thanks to Jr. that's not the case.  Scott's next project is to figure out how to move the log cabin east up the hill behind the dairy barn.  I have to say I'm excited about that prospect.  The view is awesome and the history is rich.

I can't wait to cast my vote for president or for anybody in the next election because I've never been more of an informed voter in my life.  I have seen what media does to the political process, not to mention the rest of our world and I'm over it.  I will do my own research, ignore ignorant memes and vote with my conscience.  That set of ideals includes equal access to healthcare in a broken system.  It's what Jesus would do, you know?

I met the cutest little boy today who was telling his daddy all about the cat in his book and being adorable all the way through his ordeal which can be scary at times.  His mom was a pro too, running interference to keep him occupied and not the least bit scared.  That kind of stuff just makes my day.

I'm out of things so it's time to venture out and check on the peonies.

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  1. Ahh.. I must remember to venture out and check on the peach tree! We set it out on Easter, after it spend the entire winter (since last Mother's Day) in the pot it came in, yet survived in spite of my laziness.