Thursday, April 28, 2016

idol worship

I'm in a dark mood so bear with me for a few.  I have several favorite Jesus tales and one of the top three is that little fit in the temple with the evil moneychangers.  In many ways our society is that way still as in "always thus and so."  But here's the thing about that......Jesus got mad and demanded some justice.  In the end, that was the last thing he got but that's another chapter and verse.  His social activism shines through miracle after kindness and the occasional "don't piss me off" rant.  God will smite thee, you know.  A capitalistic society like ours is a hotbed for privitization of every little thing which increases the corporate budget and cuts payroll locally.  In the last ten years I've seen EVS, Food service and other things handed over to another company to do something we could pay someone well to do and cut out the middle man. That being said, most of them seem much happier than me at this point.

I am a fairly intelligent person so it sort of bothers me when someone fails to take the time to listen to my ideas.  To be summarily dismissed after offering up a valuable opinion is something that took me off guard today.  I'm used to respect for my years of experience not being told to shhhh.  It's just another one of those ways that the Universe sends cosmic vibes at just the right time to spur action.

I'm paying for garbage service and haven't had the energy to even haul the can out to the road in two weeks but now it's there waiting for Friday.  Carrying the can was the last of Daddy's chores to go by the wayside and James Frank did it for him the last months.  I talked with a friend this morning whose parents have long term care insurance running around 6K per year.  The company's payout in contingent on an 18 buck an hour wage for CNAs who make nowhere near that because they're contracted by the insurance company.  They charge you out the ass for the premium and then out the ass for using the service. for them.  That type coverage is out of reach for most folks and can bankrupt even a wealthy family over a period of years.  My experience has been that finding someone recommended by a person you trust for a lower rate saves you the hassle. worked for my parents however I still owe the local rehab about 600 bucks for my dead mother's care.  That will come out of the sale money.

Really?  I'm trying to hard to stay positive but I'm worn ass out.  At this point, anything is possible if we just keep the faith.