Sunday, April 3, 2016

trickle down

The landlord just came by to collect rent and for the first time in months, I'm a dollar short.  The latest utility bill was quite a bit lower so I'm hoping that trend continues.  That savings will pay for the increase in monthly rent for the improvements.  The plan is to have them paid for in five years.  Not sure where I'll be then the way things are going.

So, okay...let me get this straight.  According to Krugman Bernie needs to "be responsible".  A whole boatload of rich Icelanders are just a tip of the iceberg in that big 2008 financial meltdown.  And you thought it was just us!  Put that together with Halliburton and Citi and you've got a whole helluva' lot of little fish propping up the status quo.  Enough, people.

I have no investment in my company's retirement because A. I can't afford to contribute and B. I don't trust the market.  There are too many moneychangers in between here and Wall Street and on into the Euro sector.  Throw in the Caymans and Switzerland and voila!  There is a reason that Snowden is still trapped in Russia and that is because he told our country's dirty little secrets.  For him to be holed in with USA enemy #1 is irony in its' purest form.  You are my hero man...and also GG.  When you lose your will to inform people when you KNOW what's going on?  You're an accomplice if you don't speak out.

Here's how I see ISIS and bear with me for a moment.  Like my daddy says "it has always been thus and so" over there.  However, what we have in operation now is a lot of network terror cells spread all over the world.  Many of the fighters are ex-pats of this country or another who watched how Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria played out.  I distinctly remember being against a bid to overthrow what's'his'name because it would mean more money spent on the defense industry.  Seeing how Cheney and his bunch raped us over a ten year period We should probably rethink intervention.  We spent trillions of dollars on a war that wasn't even our home turf and damaged a lot of  people in the process.  It is what it is.   And why is this?  Because how dare they fly under our (unattentive) radar and blow up everything that means money central USA.

It still seems like yesterday that I penned a tribute to one of the many victims of that attack on 9/11.  His name was Neil Levin and he was a high roller in a lot of ways including directorship of the Port Authority.  He was friends with the governor having served as a banking industry executive for the state of New York.  I remember all these things distinctly because it touched me how privileged his life had been.  Ivy League education and a house in the Hamptons, I feel sure.  He was honored, along with the other souls who perished there, in an online publication by DCRoe.  And you know what?  It's still there.

Anybody who has doubts about the current political climate should go back and remember years gone by.  It all makes perfect sense to me now.  Honestly, I'm not worried about the Donald.  I figure one of his redneck followers will misfire a gun and kill his ass.  Of course then we'd get Cruz and his ugly mug.  Whatever happened to Rubio by the way?  Bernie needs to get those tax records done ASAP because it's what real men do.  Of course Hillary is dogged by the email/Benghazi crises for the rest of her freakin' life so there you go.  The state of our union.

I felt prayer coming my way today as I stumbled through another shift at the sawmill.  My weekend partner is leaving for his first anniversary trip to an exotic location and he offered to put me in a trunk and let me sleep on the couch.  Umm.  Not long now for this old girl.  Mom's friend Annie still calls every day or so and that's a real comfort.  So is Dell whom I reached out to yesterday afternoon because, frankly, I was about to come unglued.  It felt good just to listen to HER story instead of mine for a change.  We talked about forgiveness and letting go because that's what J would do.   There's a story behind all that but I won't go into it.

Freedom ~

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