Friday, April 22, 2016

all in a day's work

You just never know what skills will be required to get through a day at the sawmill and this was no exception.  There is a pneumatic tube system that serves as transport for blood to be tested and it was squealing when I got there this morning at the asscrack of dawn.  It's something I've never worked on because there's always somebody else to do it but this morning it was on me.  After an hour and a half on the phone with help desk people and screwdrivers to no avail, I finally hooked up with the field service guy who told me how to fix the problem, god love him.  Everyone involved was thrilled, especially the ones who were having to walk the stuff over and the FS tech who was on vacay.   Win-win and I learned something new.

There was a thunderstorm during the night that barely woke me enough to see some lightning and hear the downpour.  I was asleep in BG's room because it's darker and cozier there in the back.  Since I was off yesterday I had time to make my brother a batch of deviled eggs which are one of his guilty pleasures.  He bought a couple of pastel plastic egg plates on sale just so I can keep him supplied.  Gotta' stay in good graces, you know.

So, um.  Prince died, evidently quite suddenly on the elevator at his place.  The news for days and weeks will be about his music, his life and how exactly he died including a tox report some weeks down the road. Our fascination as a society with how folks bite the dust is something that gets on my nerves.  Poor Michael, Whitney and all the rest of 'em.  They were great talents who will endure as long as there is music being made.  That being said, they were just people like us who jumped on the merry-go-round trying to grab the brass ring and got lucky financially.  Sometimes that is NOT a good thing.  Fame can be hard on a soul.  Please revisit The Truman Show in that respect.

Hillary slammed Bernie in NY which is no surprise and I'm not sure what the Republicans are up to other than trying to figure out where they went wrong.  Actually they probably did the smart thing by fronting a candidate who has never been a politician except in the game show host genre which is sort of similar.  At least Reagan was an actual actor!

Just talked to BG for the first time in a week and she sounds peaceful and upbeat....sort of like "at home".  Today is payday so I've got to get offa' here and pay some bills before something or another gets shut off.  My single utility bill post windows and doors was a pleasant change and I'm hoping for more of the same.  We shall see.

God grant me the serenity ~

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