Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Electrician guy is gathering up the stuff from where he put overhead brightness in every freakin' room of this old house and I'm steady flipping switches and hollering "Aha!"  It's the little things, people.  The remodel began the day of Mama's funeral and I returned home from the cemetery to find Scott busy as a one armed door and window hanger.  After that was the painting period where everything got covered in plastic and sprayed like a mofo.  I see Mr. Neely crawling up the lane in his new truck checking on the progress of his boys who are plowing.  It's high gear time for farmers and I have a perfect view of the goings on in front of the ginormous window.  If there's spraying and whatnot, I stay in and experience it virtually under central air.
Car saleslady called today with a proposition that can be given to the trusty trustee to see if I can have a decent car for my golden years.  It's to die for beautiful and RED!   All they can do is say no and tell me to go lower.  It's actually an excellent deal with only 17K miles and one owner who leased.  If I'm gonna' be able to spread the old wings and fly, I must have a decent ride.

Emotions can be tricky and inflection is everything sometimes.  Loyalty and motive, though often questioned are really subjective especially in the business world.  That being said, sometimes it's about more than the money and other evils.  There are people in this world who love justice and the American way, whatever the hell that is.  I prefer to remember it as the best times of my life, not necessarily the richest monetarily but the most memorable.  There have been many blessings in that department.

My beach bum friend returned to the sawmill today with a peeling sunburn from a tropical paradise anniversary trip with his lovely bride.  I just got off the phone with Annie in Austin who never ceases to amaze me with her wit and humor.  We chatted about the state of Babe and every little thing that seemed funny or topical.  My mission in the piles of pictures is to find the one of all the girls sitting on the steps on College hill.

Be the change ~  Kat


  1. Emotions can indeed be tricky and can make it hard to go with the flow. Just keep reminding yourself of the important things.