Monday, April 25, 2016

on the road again

I missed the usual group family time yesterday in Jackson so I headed out today to see my BG for the first time in over a week.  The young lady I found basking in the warm spring morning is pretty much the one I left there but calmer and more centered.  She chose this path herself after hitting multiple walls meaning it just wasn't time for recovery.  It has suddenly become summer like it does in Tennessee after a brief mild spell so she needed cooler clothes and her coloring books.  While I was putting that stuff together I found the last of our Team Janice bracelets from when Mom was in the hospital so I scooped 'em up and each of the housemates is wearing one.  Even from the grave, MeMaw is there with her grandgirl in spirit. We swapped stories with her counselor about how she came to be where she is and as it turns out she's been there since it started 10 years ago.   We pray for serenity and we move forward.

The allergens are brutal right now and I haven't taken any  meds until today except for an occasional bedtime benadryl.  It's Zyrtec time in my neck of the woods.  Claritin does nothing for me nor do any of the others.  I'm also back on occasional dosing of a blood pressure med as needed.  My numbers are almost normal but the top one tends to creep up without a pill now and then.  According to the scales at Dr. J's I've lost five more pounds and that's not surprising in spite of all the funeral food lately.

All you registered voters who are lining up to vote for Hillary or Trump support Bernie no matter what are making my heart sing!  A lot of people have started revolutions, but not many with the ideals that he espouses.  A living wage. Affordable healthcare.  Equal rights.  I'm just saying....when a  Koch bro comes out of the woodwork with an endorsement, think twice because he has something to gain.

Prince is still dead.  It sounds a whole lot like he died of sheer exhaustion since he went for like 160 hours straight before collapsing.  That is not rumor but straight from the mouth of his family.  I respect the way that entire thing was handled with dignity and privacy for those who knew him well.  Fame is one of those things that can fracture a soul because everybody wants a piece of, even claims it!  I knew you when, they say.  I appreciate you more, say the ones who jump on the bandwagon for the ride.  At the end, you best know who's got your back.

I'm not the least bit worried about NOK and the nukes because it has always been thus and so as with ISIS and all them.  Nothing gets solved by invade and only makes more messes.  If I had to choose a way to go, I'd say *nukler would be least of evils if you're right at the center and don't have to freakin' die of radiation poisoning.  Now THAT is some bad shit.  Which brings me around to Zika.

Worldwide we are facing more numerous outbreaks of communicable diseases ranging from Ebola and whatnot to the currently trending mosquito borne virus.  It makes the person sick but the real danger is for pregnant women who are giving birth to babies with severe birth defects.  It took the global health experts a few months to figure out the pattern of what was up and now it's out there for the whole world to catch.  Spray thyself with something organic and non-toxic to fight off all diseases carried by vectors.  That includes ticks which are probably the reason my joints hurt.  Well, that and arthritis.

Peace ~


  1. Best of luck to BG. Yes I still read your blog. Praying for you and BG. Love you always

  2. Best of luck to BG. Yes I still read your blog. Praying for you and BG. Love you always