Monday, April 11, 2016

baby face

I met a new co-worker today who will become part of the team shortly.  We chatted on his interview day and he seems very nice and VERY young which is the way of MBAs I suppose.  He looked all bright and unsuspecting about how the whole deal works and will no doubt be given projects of great importance in his flag pin filled future.  Really nice guy, by the way.  Meanwhile, we mosey along taking care of the sick and dying and doing a damn fine job of it.  We love every minute of it when it's not crazy as batshit.  I got a couple of calls last night from crazyland and rolled back over knowing all was well.

We still have no overhead light which makes cleaning kind of hit and miss.  Plus the no asparagus thing.  The rains have parted all day sparing us while the south got hammered and now it's settling in for the soak.  The neighbors got more garden planted according to FB pics.  I'm craving yellow squash like a mofo and would love some tomatoes to grill with them.  Of course my lazy ass will plant it, pick it and then procrastinate until it's too late.  Like WITH THE ASPARAGUS!!!

The sale is set and the lady in charge said "she will see" where I live and if my stuff fits into her plan.  I just said..."nah...I got this."   The dining room is almost empty and getting mopped daily because it has taken the bulk of pet/construction/general slovenliness for several years.  I am cleaning house in more ways than one, slowly letting things unravel so that they can be rewound into a new tapestry.  Art is life, you know.

I'm actually getting a gut again because I eat more regularly than before when running here there and yon in the Camry.  From what I understand to get a better vehicle, I must approach the trustee and ask how much I can afford to pay.  I have a little money coming later but that's for the beach and rent so umm.  We shall see.  I do know that I never EVER  want to be in the throes of predatory lending because those high interest little shacks of promise ( and not to forget CITI ) ended me in BK for the second time in my life.  The first was all on plastic and an easy but expensive deal.  Now?  Not so much.  I will be out from under it a year before  official retirement age.

There is a female cardinal sitting in the field all quiet and still   The redbirds are messengers from Daddy to me about taking flight while staying grounded with family.  Birds are funny like that, and people too sometimes.  I miss him now in the spring because he loved the land so, always anticipating a good crop of whatever he could get into the ground.  We had every freakin' veggie known to man all fried up in a greasy iron skillet with cornmeal.  Purple hull peas...he even had his own peasheller...electric!   My first money making opportunity was a partnership with my brothers on Mr. Quinn's strawberry patch at 10 cents a quart, you pick 'em.  We made a bunch of money for back then.

Hope your Monday has been manic or merry, whatever makes you happy ~

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  1. It's been mostly manic, but that's life lately. Keep swimming!