Tuesday, April 19, 2016

instant karma

If only there were such a thing *sigh*.  Were it so?  That asshat leaving the golf course in a huge Ford truck who turned left in front of me at the crossover would be having a flat about now.  I had cruised slowly through the 'burg on the way home to paradise, patiently waving people through the four way stops.  There is less hurry in my life now and that's a blessing.  It had, however been a loooong day and I was about to scoot on across when this jerk smooth cut me off earning him my middle finger on BOTH hands.  I'm just going to rest easy knowing that Big Ernie will deprive him in some way like perhaps no nooky tonight or something.

So between work and work I ran some errands and got lucky enough to be the first check customer of a guy who looked like Tracy Morgan at the 'gentral.  As folks lined up behind me it was obvious that was the case and the supervisor patiently told him how to get it done.  In a perfect world?  We would all have debit cards.  I'm prepping for the big sale by letting go of things here like the two coins I inherited.  One was sold for the gold weight and a silver one went to a collector friend who was generous with his bid.  That covers the cellphone bill without going in the red which is good for the budget.  Win.Win.

It's odd coming home to an empty (exceptfordogsandacat) house.  There is a visit to Jackson in the works for next week  and I picked up a meeting list so that I can get ready to attend.  While I was there the famous Mr. Hal and I caught up on all things BG and 'Noler and I instantly felt a peace that comes from the continuation of a recovering community.  So many times we tend to look at the process as fixing people rather than letting them be who they really are, with boundaries of course.  Abuse or neglect of any sort are not acceptable.  Period.

Lily found a dead cardinal outside and proceeded to devour it in the bathroom yesterday which literally made me want to puke when I heard the *crunch.  I know it's what animals do but damn.  One of the greatest traumas of my adult life was watching my dog kill a cat over a piece of chicken!  Snapped its' little neck and I watched him seizure for a bit.  Then there was the time BG was on the tractor with Daddy and ran over that very same dog!  His name was Joe and I don't have a clue where he came from.   Just call me the stray whisperer.

I'm enough of a country fan to say that right now, my give a damn's busted.  However, Beth Hart and Bonamassa are what's on the playlist.  That just about says it all.

Discovery ~

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