Saturday, April 16, 2016

carry on

I can't help it ya'll...i'm a product of the seventies and grew up on Kansas and Skynard..  If I had a dollar for everybody who wanted Dust in the Wind at their funeral I'd be on Fiji right now eating bon bons with Sugardaddy.  Alas, it is not so.  I'm stuck here on Pecan Lane cleaning dirty ass floors because of my slovenly behavior for the past few years.

I've talked with several friends today after waking from a Colbert themed dream in which we did a selfie and he had a manbun.  It was not the least bit drug induced I assure you...Just me wondering WTF is gonna happen to this country.  Marti Ann and Lorna and Punkin talked me through the morning until I was spry enough to get out there and dig in the dirt for a bit.  I doubt that the dehydrated peonies will make it but one can always try.  I have two half bales of straw from last year that are sagging mightily and a rose bush full of pink buds, just in time for Mother's Day.  Thank you Ryan and please tell Jr I will stake the asparagus bed before he comes again.

Some guy on a tractor came around while I was out doing a bit of irrigation work over by where the swans used to live, according to Miss Mary who knows her history for sure.  She and Miss Juanita and me went to visit our mayor Mozella after they met Mom and Daddy.  That was a totally random piece of serendipity. I'm not real sure where I'm going but I know where I've been.

I called to tell my accountant friend happy tax day yesterday afternoon only to find that he has two more days of slave labor until the deadline.  Meanwhile his people are at the farm where he totally should be and will soon.  I'm looking forward to the beach and whatnot.  Anything to get the hell away from real life.

I see an early bedtime coming on.  Maybe I can hit all five church services before lunch in the morning.  We shall see ^j^

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  1. Five before lunch? All in the same building???