Saturday, April 2, 2016

the view

Well, it's chilly again but beautifully sunny and bright.  I noticed everybody stepping a bit lighter than during the past few days of dreary thunderstorms.  The Forked Deer popped right back up following two downpours but not over the road this time.  Meanwhile, the lower 540 will be mud until June or so.  Trust me, I've gotten stuck enough times to know.  I used to LOVE driving down the dusty field roads to the riverbed and often found Joe Wood and Ernest down there in the shade casting a line.   Gotta' picture of them somewhere, but as usual I couldn't put my finger on it of you threatened my life.  It's the ADD curse you know.

HuffPost has broken a story about big banks turning big oil tricks which doesn't surprise me a bit.  And it's not just THIS country involved but the entire world of asshats who want us to remain dependent on their carbon..  Meanwhile, the CIA guy wrote a book about how Obama is the reason ISIS is winning ( just paraphrasing, there ) and  I did not miss the not so subtle mention that none other than Petraeus is one of his fans.  That entire deal smacks of partisan politics and they think we're too stupid to see it.  Kiss my butt.

Have you ever missed somebody who's still in your life?  I mean like, the way they used to be.  It happens sometimes like with divorce and whatnot.  I was talking to a "guy about a car" this week and he told me straight up honestly that his ex's hubby is a great dad to his kids which I thought was a man-up kind of thing to say.  As for wifey, he was glad he has her too.  The car deal will be protracted because of BK but worth it in the end to get mobile.

Hmm..what else.   OH yeah!  My 2nd favorite beer store got burgled up at Four Points the other night but had no cash and the ATM wouldn't give so they just made a mess and got their faces on tape.  Hoodlums that nobody recognizes most likely.  On the way home I noticed that the demolition site downtown is cleaned up and looking all ready for something spectacularly grantish.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm all for downtown improvement but when the southern route to downtown floods on a regular basis, something needs to be done to the lay of the land, so to speak.  It ain't rocket science.

Otherwise, it's unicorns and rainbows ~

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