Monday, February 28, 2011

peaks and valleys

Today is Monday, the day after the Oscars got awarded and Charlie Sheen proved without a doubt that he is the poster boy for narcissism. If anybody from CBS licks his feet I'll never watch their stuff again. I can't WAIT to see what Chelsea has to say about the whole deal. That'll be tomorrow afternoon when I get the chance to sit and enjoy the high priced DVR service. The biggest fight of my life came out when a "certain company" debited 500 bucks to cover some unwritten unsigned contract that I got put into when I complained about over billing. They were so nice, they upgraded me to DVR and everything. When I decided to change providers, they whipped out the invisible contract and took my money without asking. Subsequently they were in deep shit with the attorneys general of several states and said a great big "We're sorry" to all the folks they harassed like me. Here's the kicker...the other day was when I read on the web about the whole story, and a couple of days later I got a paper bill from collection company number 27 telling me that I should call and work out terms. You people are ridiculous. I pick my battles ya'll, and this is one I won't give on.

The much touted dangerous weather situation turned into heavy early morning rain with a little thunder and lightning. The dogs woke me up barking like hell and I got up to see a figure in the driveway lit by headlights. It was the neighbor lady and she was headed back to her car through the mud. Never heard from her after that. It happens now and then down there on the bluff by the slough. At one time, there were grand plans for a clubhouse to accompany the city golf course perched up on that bluff. The view is beautiful, if I say so myself. So is the one from behind the dairy barn. Wide open spaces! If anyone ever turns this place into something other than a tribute to what it really is, I hope I'm dead and cremated.

For two weeks, I have had the luxury of not having to freak out watch every penny that I spend. It was fun while it lasted, ya know? Everybody around here either has the flu or is recovering from it because, hey. It's flu season. Evidently the vaccine manufacturers miscalculated the strains for this year and it's something there's no cure for other than laying your smart ass down for a week and being miserable. Been there and got a t-shirt. I bet somebody in your family has too. That shit spreads like wildfire! friend the Little General is the one who talks of the peaks and valleys. Her Quaker mom always talked about that aspect of life. We have worked together for 30+ years now just like many of the others at the sawmill. I'm just waiting for somebody to offer me a gold watch and a retirement dinner. Well, as soon as I find SD, that is.

Carry on young people!~ Mrs. Frances Yarbro at UMYF


  1. Carryin' on is all we can do, though sometimes it ain't easy.