Thursday, February 10, 2011


The thing I adore about winter sunsets is the way blues and pinks and oranges all melt together into one big beautiful blob against a white backdrop dotted with trees and fields. Agriculture is big business and in this country it doesn't pay to get into it unless you mortgage your first born to the devil or inherited it. That's why so many family farms exist today....because the generations before them believe that they are worth saving and even championing. To hell with feeding the rest of the world. Buy from the locals or grow your own. It's the american way. Really. I grew up watching the Andy Griffith show and I know as well as I'm sittin' here that Aunt Bea and Andy's philosophy about life is right. And yes, I also watched the Waltons. I rarely told my brothers good anything much less "g'nite". It was their mission to torment me, you know. It's in the little brother handbook.

I have a temp and a real woozy head thanks to the latest bug that chose to strike during snowmageddon week of '11. Yesterday's round did a number as far south as Tupelo MS where the gal at Backyard Burger said she'd "never seen such." Memphis traffic was one big fat clusterfuck chinese fire drill and I thanked Big more time...that I chose not to live there. Two years in college was plenty for this country girl. My dorm was across the street from a park where pervs and drunks hung out and I was scared to death every time I hopped out of my car to run inside. I should have known when I threatened to quit during the last quarter what I was getting in for. My mama, bless her heart, hopped in her car and drove 80 miles to inform me that I was full of shit and this WOULD happen in two months. Heh.

Like many around the world, I have watched with intent interest as the younger generation in Egypt expresses their frustration with a government that does not respond to the needs of their citizens in very basic ways. I admire the restraint of the military in seeing that this is a win-win if everybody can just get along and not burn the whole continent off the map. There is always room for change, and this generation of youth has seen both the best and the worst of what our world has to offer. I remember visiting the library one time looking for another book by Elisabeth K Ross and the young man behind the desk suggested "The Wheel of Life". This book was a memoir of her experiences with hospice care, including an HIV group home in Afton Virginia. It wasn't until my brother decided to move there that I realized the significance of that little nudge from the cosmos. That's what we both called it when we were in therapy with the little bulldog. Cosmos. Karma. Ya'll get it.

Things are coming along on the lane in spite of sickness and snow. My federal tax dollars are scheduled to hit the bank tonight and they were delighted to cover my overdrafts because that's more money for them. Kinda sorta like a payday loan. As soon as I have a free moment the first one to be paid will be the one with the gangster style interest rate. They don't get a cake like Butch. I still owe the lawyer one too from Christmas. Oh well....gotta go grocery shopping first.

Happy ladies night! I feel a good hot tub soak coming on.



  1. There are many governments around the world, on many continents, who should be watching Egypt and THINKING about the people. Ours included. Change sometimes comes easy and sometimes hard...

  2. Glad to hear that things are gettin' along with the payments situation, I know I'm waiting anxiously for my tax refund this year too. It's been that kind of life here too. (Except no one here in the big city wants cake)

    Hope ya'll feel better real soon. Hugs and prayers