Friday, February 25, 2011

world government 101

It seems that we have run out of things to declare war on, so the countries that make up oil rich, dirt poor areas of the earth have decided to raise hell and take back some of the riches from the ones who live in palaces and keep them in their places by force. Right on ya'll. Your region has us by the balls because of dependence on foreign oil imports to keep OUR economy going, yet the citizens of those countries rarely see any of the wealth...only the powers that be get to savor the golden touch. Basic infrastructure in these countries is usually held in place only by military that is backing whoever is in power. If it's the people themselves, then so be it. Most of them have spent their forty years in the desert with some oversexed greedy dictator running their daily lives. I's biblical and all that. What is happening in Libya is atrocious and beyond any sort of humane attempt to keep order. I give applause to the leaders of those nations where peaceful protest was met with civil obedience. There is really big change in the air, and it would behoove everybody to just get their finger off the hot button and listen to the other side. Otherwise, we're all screwed.

Speaking of the devil, he hounded me and the BG all afternoon yesterday. Here's the short version of a very long day: She's got the flu, missed work, went to urgent care, got turned away because she owes money, went back to a car with a dead battery....and called me in tears. We got her hooked up with a new provider and our dear friend bought and installed a new battery in the old Neon. While they were gone a constable stopped by to serve a civil warrant on a matter that's already been resolved and I thanked him kindly for not shooting me and doing his job nicely. I've dealt with so many freakin' a**holes over the phone during my extended poverty struggle to repay old debt that I appreciate somebody who doesn't threaten me. I mean, come on. If the person says I ain't got the bucks, give 'em a break before you haul them into court. All that does is make money for lawyer mills and force the poor dude who's trying to hold down a job and stay sane to do something stupid. Like borrowing more. At a higher interest rate.

I have learned the hard way that accounts with variable interest are terribly expensive for the consumer. Fortunately I live in small town southern USA where folks will still do business on the honor system and let you pay 'em by the month. Otherwise, I'd have already been in jail or something. That type of kindness is one of the greatest joys in life to me. A break that somebody who CAN gives you, just because it's the right thing and they know you're struggling. Doctors generally do not extend this type of courtesy, even the ones that I work with....with the exception of one dear man who has the seniority and the good heart to make a bill from his group disappear in a flash. When a co-worker will do that, he or she is a good friend as well. I mean, they get the insurance money, gah.

The two boys are presently scruffling all over the floor seeing who's the baddest in a fight to the death. I love to watch them play like reminds me of being a kid. Faith just lays on the couch and watches them with one eye cocked appreciating that Sam has somebody to bother besides her. She is slimming down (on a diet) and getting around better thanks to pain pills. Labs and their hips are notorious for gettin' into middle aged trouble. When the weather breaks and I get some new shoes, we will walk the lane until it gets too hot and then we'll ride. At one point I walked 2.5 miles a day to the golf course and back. That was a looooong time ago, back in the aerobics days. Now, I just prefer to stroll and enjoy the sights, letting the dogs do their criss cross the road thing.

Peace and love. And, of course, rock'n'roll.


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