Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i've got people

One of the coolest things about living in a small town is that everybody knows everybody else usually through either work or relatives or social events. What's not so cool is how the gossip mill gets to churning when people are bored or something and have time to speculate on the actions of others in a somewhat *cough* negative fashion that gets carried straight to the church prayer list, complete with altar call. Because, hey. We all know that Big Ernie doesn't listen if you're not sittin' in a pew, right? The small midsouthern county that I call home was established on the banks of the Forked Deer, Obion and Mississippi rivers. Hale's Point and Little Chicago and all that. And then there's always our neighbor to the north, Lake county. They've got the big lake that was formed by an earthquake and is now being drawn down so that the wildlife can die. It's gonna take a whole helluva lot of pea gravel to fill in between those cypress stumps, I'm just saying.

Humility is still my middle name considering how pitiful I was just twelve short days ago. I try to stay that way, ya know? I certainly don't have all the answers and don't want to. That's what bosses are for. And ya'll all know that bossy, I'm not. What? Well, perhaps just a little. And only when asked to.

Time to order pizza for me and the pitifully ill BG. Misery loves company I reckon.

Remember who you are ^j^

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  1. Sending hugs and prayers for ya'll and especially BG.