Monday, February 14, 2011

feed a cold

Reporting to you live from the sick ward, is none other than the old poopster surrounded by boxes of kleenex, faithful nurse dogs and one cat who wouldn't feel sorry for me if I dropped dead right there in front of her. It's a feline thing, for sure. I don't remember much about the weekend other than the fact that BG was there the entire time making food runs for both of us because we're out of groceries. I dragged my smart ass up to the dollar store awhile ago to get some snacks and felt like I'd been hit by a large mack truck by the time I got back in the house. Normally I'm flittin' around like nobody's business. This evil bug which we shall call a karmic kritter, has been a blessing in that I couldn't flit if my life depended on it. I give. I'll lay down and watch TV with today's nursing staff.

Mom and Daddy are headed out to their anniversary date to have lunch with her class. That makes me grin just thinking about it. All the flower vendors in the world are on a one day high vowing not to turn away a single customer....but you might have to pick it up yourself! I've always thought that getting flowers when you least expect them is the coolest way to receive. Works for me every time, but then I'm low maint like that. I saw a hallmark commercial the other day with a quote that I really liked. Valentine's Day is the day to say I love us.

Thanks to my gracious friend I have two days to get back into shape before I report for duty again. The temps are headed up to the sixties and I'm happy as a pig in mud about that. Nothing is more miserable than trying to stay warm when you're sick. The codeine is about to kick in so it's time to scarf some spinach dip and channel surf for awhile.

I hope that you and everyone you love has a warm and caring day. And no,O'Reilly, that does not include you or little miss Palin. See...even sick as a dog, I can get riled up ^j^

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