Thursday, February 3, 2011


I haven't laid eyes on my sister Gigi since before Thanksgiving, much less since Christmas. We went out to eat with Momma one day and that was fun. Once the pool shuts down life on her little plot settles down to a dull roar. Some of the best times and friendships of my life have been forged in the beer soaked sun of that little garden of eden. My friend the undertaker funeral director used to have one that had a freakin' FOUNTAIN in it. Talk about some serious chilling! There were plants everywhere and just right sun. Once when I was a "displaced" tornado victim she let me spend a couple of nights in the palace while she was gone on business. I'm talking to-die-for with tile floors and a whirlpool and the whole deal. Shortly after her girls left, she downsized. I still miss that house girl!

Anyway, back to Gigi. I was making a run to the dollar store and pulled into her driveway on the way home with a couple of beers. She and her BF were watching a movie so I caught the last thirty minutes of Joe Black. A nice transition from work to home....Brad Pitt with highlights and a tux. This gal actually had me a CHRISTMAS present that she had saved until she saw me again. It was a bag of goodies that included homegrown CDs and pretty lights. And some jewelry. I was stunned what with all the big fog that has been floating since ummm....about ten days before the "big day". That was when my world changed abruptly...ONE more time. Hey. I'm all about the journey. Old hippies are like that.

The roads were salted again today for about the fifth time thus far. I'll pass on the complaints considering what a clusterf**k the rest of the country is weatherwise. Just our luck to get a blizzard when Al had us all convinced the glaciers are melting. Just kiddin ;) I do think that the bizarre changes in climate are connected very closely with our lack of respect for the environment and nature, all in the name of money for giant corporations who operate from some distant city. They could give a rat's ass about your community or you. That is one very cool thing about working in a rural healthcare setting. Everybody and their momma'n'them knows you so there's a big opportunity for ministry to those who have shaped your life.

I think it's Thursday...yeah. Ladies night. To celebrate I'm going to watch every single show on that one channel that has all the funny ones. Or maybe I'll just catch up with Chelsea and Nancy Botwin. I'm telling ya'll...there's a book up in there somewhere.

Peace and love and keep the faith ^j^

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