Wednesday, February 2, 2011

cold and clear

That's the current weather status on the lane which tickles me to death because it doesn't include ice this time. All I can say about you northerners is "bless ya'lls hearts." From what I've seen on the TV and interwebs, you might as well get those salt trucks in gear because the Super Bowl is an American tradition and Steelers fans are about to die for this one. If somebody doesn't watch out, a dang way overpaid relative of Gloria Vanderbilt might get smacked in the head over that one. At least TEN times. Oh, please. Close to the fire? You get burned. One of my brothers got hit in the head with a beer bottle one time when there was a riot of sorts in a local bar. He was just there having a drink against the wall like he always did and *BAM* all hell broke loose. I think his cranium still has a scar from that one. Said it was like a gas fire or something.

As predicted, Pecan Lane Phil did not see his shadow today. We had a three dog night up in the bed last night, snuggling for warmth and body heat. Faith usually takes the end of the bed and
Sammy D slips up under the blanket next to my butt. Oscar just finds a comfy spot and hangs his cute as hell little schauzer lookin' head over whatever body part is sticking out. Kinda reminds me of sleeping with a pile of puppies which is a little bit like heaven.

A dear friend of mine has written a book of poetry and self published. This gives me inspiration to do what I know is meant to be in my life. Many years ago, I was an avid reader of a columnist who wrote about faith matters for his local newspaper. That was back in the day when we rushed out to actually BUY one on sunday morning just to see what's up. I sent him a groupie type email once, telling him how his stories had touched me and asked him why he had never written a book. His response to me went something like this " I write my stories one day at a time. That's my book."

Makes you think ^j^


    I'm just sayin'
    I hear that writer fella included a poem called ButterBean in that book...

  2. @Drew: Really? Wicked cool.

    @Janie: He has inspired me too. I can't believe how the poetry has started flowing on my end as well. We had a fellow like that in our little town here too. Sometimes makes you wonder why they don't collect all their stories and make them into a book. You go girl, there's a whole lot of people who would buy your writin'.
    Hugs and prayers