Friday, February 18, 2011

this one's for you

I'm not dying anymore, but got mighty close and decided when I finally got up from the fog that life is way too short for worrying about anything other than doing the right thing and enjoying what you love. So many times we put off what makes us happy and fail to really experience the joy because there's : no time, no money, too much to do, the dog has fleas, etc. ad infinitum. I'm not in charge anyway, and my virtual effect on the twirl of the globe outside of trusting Big Ernie is next to nothing. Oh sure....there's that free will thing where you have to choose A or B but I've always been a "none of the above" type gal expecting a chance to say my piece about how things could be.

I worked for one day post-crud and have two more off to recover before the weekend with no computer system at the sawmill. As my mama would say, "How niiice." It makes me want to do a George Carlin standup routine about how the whole deal works when that happens. Can you say clusterf**k? If everybody did upgrades and backups like these folks, nothing would EVER get done in a workplace. The bright spot of my visit to the urgent care was watching Sesame Street with the two year old whose parents were visibly worn by the wait. Wanda Sykes was on there! Caught my attention because she could be funny reading the phone book. Thus far we have been through only one box of Girl Scout cookies but more are on the way at 3.50 a pop. Back in the day when we were cookie chairpeople, there was always a contest at the mall to see who could eat the most of them in a given period. My boss at the time actually WON, but he was a big guy so the others had a handicap going in.

One of our local social service agencies used to host an adult spelling bee every year to raise money for groceries. I entered that sucker probably five years in a row and never came in closer than 2nd. Since the newspaper hyped it really big, their editor and several other employees were always there to kick my ass. Come to think of it, I only made runner up in the county bee back when I was a sixth grader. The winner and her loving husband remain my friends to this day and we all share this unspoken bond that is an old friendship sprinkled with hippie karma and expensive shampoo. They are one of the few couples my age who are still married to the original spouse! That's amazing in itself.

Spring has sprung as evidenced by the annual spreading of the fertilizer yesterday. It will be asparagus season soon and I've yet to clean off last year's stubs from the bed. The dogs are loving it, spending every minute outside roaming and chasing squirrels in a pack. This has been a long hard winter in more ways than one and I'm glad to see it go. Once again, please remind me in July that I said that.

Peace and love ^j^


  1. 65 here today. Snow coming Monday.
    Have I mentioned that I HATE snow?
    Did break out the seed catalogs. Woulda ordered some, but that dang propane truck showed up again Tuesday and filled the tanks. ByeBye $$$$$

  2. Glad you're feeling better. They forecast snow flurries here of all things, but the sky was blue and the temperatures were warm enough to warrant t-shirts only.
    As always, hugs and prayers

  3. Dick McCormick...Cookie Monster!!!!