Tuesday, February 22, 2011

flumageddon and mammography

I was officially "diagnosed" with pneumonia on Saturday Feb 12th and today was the very FIRST day since then that I've woken up and thought to myself "Self, you're gonna make it." I have never had it before and don't even want it again. Ever ever. There are about three days that I don't remember except for chills and aches. The ten buck per pill antibiotic was strong enough to take the rest of the sap out of me so there ya go. Big Ernie was watching out for me in that I had only a few days to work during that long stretch. Ya'll, I was pitiful. BG has never seen me like that of course and she was worried to death I was gonna croak on her or something and she'd have to pay the propane guy. Everybody at work just looked at me (from a distance) and thought bless her heart. I therefore have one official afternoon left to enjoy feeling good before I go back in the am.

I've caught up with Mom and Daddy over the past few days, and run a lot of errands. One of today's to do things was to go to none other than the sawmill and get a mammogram done. They have really outdone themselves to make it a more pleasant experience and I was impressed. I saw a bunch of my co-workers, but from a different perspective....as a patient. They were attentive, friendly and efficient and not just because they knew me. Many of us pass each other 10 times a day in the halls and don't know what the other one does exactly. It is a real learning experience to jump through the hoops. Their bosses will get a big fat thank you note from me. That always makes everybody happy :)

It's chilly, but the dang sun is shining and that's all that matters. If I never see another gray day it won't hurt my feelings. Okay with old man winter. I can see things greening up around here with fields of winter wheat growing well. The rest have been fertilized, and the plowing is partially done. For the second year in a row I'll have soybeans up close and personal to the asparagus bed. No problem last year, though I thought the pesticides might get it. Lots of green blades are spread around, with an occasional flower. Typical early spring in the South. The kudzu is sittin' there waiting for a chance to cross the road by the dairy barn.
Did ya'll know that stuff blooms????

When things are this peaceful I will often worry myself to death over what crisis is gonna hit next. But then, I think back to all the supposed "crises" in my life, and laugh at the shallow nature of some of them. That is how we learn, I suppose. One step...one chapter at a time. That is how we roll here on the lane. BG and I were talking yesterday about my buddy Drew's book that has a poem about Butterbean in it. I thought she was going to cry right there! We talked about self-publishing and editors and such and I saw it as maybe just a little more possible than before. One of my oldest and most theatric of friends wrote a book once about Rahab and got into a tiff with the publishing company. I have a signed copy of that book and will treasure it until I die. Same with the Clyde Edgertons.

I'm outta here to enjoy 1/2 day off. Ya'll play nice and call your mother.

And keep the faith ^j^

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