Saturday, February 19, 2011

just like towanda

During out years together as roommates, BG and I have made a whole helluva' lot of Thelma and Louise type moves just to keep the boat floating. Living together as adults has been an entire new set of challenges, but also a unique opportunity to blend our character strengths and bring out the best in each other. She is loyal to a fault, and so am I. Our little family on the hill has changed members over the years, but we're still here together after 22. We've survived tornadoes and floods and snowstorms. We have buried cats and run over deer and lost beloved dogs to the wild. There were two horses for a long of them died several years ago leaving things wide open for Pride to be the lucky one. Nobody ever rides him....he just adds to the scenery and enjoys his treats. He does get exercise though because the dogs will chase him from one end of the lot to the other just to see him kick. Things have been particularly rocky and broke-like for the past year around here financially. A new job for BG meant waiting a month for a paycheck. The folks with the note on her car were getting a little antsy about their money. She got a call yesterday that somebody would be here today to pick it up. We passed briefly in the doorway yesterday afternoon, and then went on our separate ways.

It took until this morning for it to dawn on us that her IRS refund had landed in my account yesterday. There was just enough to cover what she owed, but she had only 25 minutes today to get the money, wire it to them and get a clear account so the repo dude didn't sneak in during the night and rob her of that valuable Dodge Neon with 150K plus miles. I got stuck in line at the bank behind some dimwit chatty guy visiting with the teller. What the hell! Did these people not know I was on a deadline?? We met up at the wire office, me with a big wad of cash and she with her contact info. Uh, well almost all of it. She had forgotten to write down the account number so that resulted in MORE phone calls to said company to retrieve that info. By then she was afraid to go back home anyways, because the guy was already on the way with a tow truck. Lovely. It all ended well, of course....because they do not WANT your old ratty vehicle. They just want your money, and will get it by judgement following repo and auction. Been there, done that, got lucky.

In case you were driving down highway 51 south yesterday and saw some crazy broad wandering around the carwash on a cellphone, that was me. The sonofabitch took my eight bucks after I sat in line for 30 minutes so I proceeded to pitch a hissy fit with the attendant who was 60 miles away in Martin. Yeah, go figure. He asked me if I would put the traffic cone up and gave me a free super deluxe wash so I was happy, all in all. I don't fuss about much but when it comes to taking my hard earned money...I draw the line. If you want me to be a repeat customer, treat me with respect and cut me some slack now and then.


  1. are you referring to the towanda in this video?
    one of my most favorite scenes. heh

  2. Life ain't dull there among the kudzu, eh?