Friday, February 4, 2011

playing for pizza

I have to hand it to our bosses because we always get some free food at the sawmill when we most need it, like today. Cracker crust pizza is one of my sinful weaknesses. I've been, as my friend the Little General would say "dauntcy" which means all dizzy and whirly and nauseated. I skipped the BP meds today and didn't have that problem. Probably time for a new assessment of that situation considering some pretty significant weight loss. Drugs are bad, umkaaay?

BG is loving the job thing and invited me in today to see her coworker's chiweenie?? Cute as hell, ya'll. Wrapped up in a Christmas blanket like a baby. I held her and she gave me many many puppy kisses. Sometimes M and F bring Gracey Lynn around and we always get to see her when we stop by their house. Princess, plain and simple. I took Faith over there one time to see if she would do the lab in water thing at their pool and she patiently waited on the hot concrete for me to give that one up and head to the air conditioned house. Back in the day she would swim like hell walk all dainty like in the mud to fetch sticks. Labs just don't do summer well when they're in their golden years. Neither do some people. I guess it's all how if you're wired for fun or not.

Yes, indeed the old poopster is rambling.'s Friday night live. I can do that in America for now.

Faith ^j^

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