Wednesday, March 2, 2011

backwater sunset

Last week's heavy rains did a little flood number on the Forked Deer that has rendered the riverbed fishing spot unreachable by anything other than ATV. Unfortunately, that's not in the budget so I sit on the front porch and watch the colors blend and prance through the stained glass window. My Kentucky cousin made it from pieces that her father had left over and gifted me with a masterpiece. I took classes from her at one time but never did learn the patience to do anything bigger than a suncatcher. Copper foil is quick and easy. My one attempt at a window turned out pretty well in shades of purple and green.

The Lenten season is almost upon us which means that all the Catholics and college girls are going buck wild with beads and titties and such. I can honestly say that I'm proud to be an American but a little bit unsettled by the way things are going. Last time I heard, my two best friend's sons were back on US soil after participating in a giant clusterfuck called the war on terror, for good money, if you live to spend it. *somebody* said that if we don't secure the oil wells over there in Libya that gas will be 7bucks a gallon by next year. That will pretty much screw us as a country, considering how our transportation needs are met by foreign energy. It ain't worth it ya'll.

Got called into the sawmill early this morning due to an emergency so I'm about ready to lay this old smart ass down. I mean, it's only hump day. Good thing I turned in early LAST night. Ray looked pretty perky when I went by to visit, with her great-uncle by her side. There were IV's and stuff but she didn't seem to mind it much. That's what happens when your mama's a nurse and your daddy don't rock'n'roll. Love ya....mean it.

The really hard part of faith starts after the resurrection where believers walk together on their road and compare notes about where they've been. Often, there are tales of pain and persecution for following the collective dream and standing up for what seems right at the moment. I've never personally been thrown into the lion's den like back in biblical days, but I can certainly relate in a post Y2K fashion.

I heard about Jay's death today and was sad to hear it, but not surprised in the least bit. When you do that much self destructive shit for that many years, it will catch up with you in the end. His dad, of all people, was on the local board for volunteer blood donation in our county. Gotta love that sort of devotion to a cause.

It's dark and the coyotes are probably about to bust out in song full howl so I should get clean and pile up in the bed for a long winter's nap. Film at 11 ^j^

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