Saturday, February 12, 2011

timing is everything

I'm not one to suffer often because I'm just one of those who would rather feel good and keep going if I can. Which is what I had to do this week with the evil bug lurking within. I decided last night that since the IRS and Big E saw fit to send me some money, I needed some treatment because I don't EVER remember feeling this poorly. I hopped up slid out of bed this morning and headed straight to the urgent care where they took some of my money but I was treated well. The pharmacy was another story. The antibiotic, because my deductible hadn't been paid, was over a hundred bucks. And I have INSURANCE. If things don't get better, I can use the handy dandy peace pipe thing. When she said "pneumonia" I said to myself " Self. Damn, no wonder you're so pitiful." It seriously makes your whole body hurt.

The snow lingers, but there are folks on the golf course taking advantage of the sunny day and it will be busy over there tomorrow as well. The air is crisp and clean and inhales much more easily than the indoors artificially heated kind. Immunity from the flu shot only lasts about three months and my warranty is out on that last dose from October. I blame it for that two week spell with no propane! Nah. It's just one of those things, especially when you work in healthcare. BG has taken my mama shopping, bless her heart, and is picking up some tennis shoes for both of us so we can keep walking long enough to make enough money to almost make ends meet. Meanwhile Verizon rolled out their newest toy yesterday and I thought I was going to choke on the amount of money some people paid for them. But hey...if you've got it, might as well have fun with it, 'cuz you can't take it with you.

I used to think that if I won the lottery I'd give a whole bunch of it to charity but the more I see about the way some charities handle their money with big money salaries for executives, the more I'm inclined to give locally, like our community cancer fund. They cook BBQ and fried taters and make a big deal out of selling it once a year and it's a wonderful thing because they all actually know the patients who are being helped with their money.

The tussinex is calming down the jitters from an albuterol breathing treatment so I'm ready to lay my smart ass down and watch movies. Ya'll enjoy the sunshine if you have it, pretend if you don't. By tomorrow I'll be roaming the yard with the camera looking for buds so watch out world.


  1. Well, Miss Janie, I'm sending you a whole passel of hugs and a whopping big set of prayers, cuz ya'll don't need to be feeling this way. Hope you are getting on the mend. Hugs, love and prayers

  2. The head of the Salvation Army makes about $13,000 a year. Period. It's my only charity of choice because they helped my brother get sober almost 13 years ago. The icing on the cake was hearing how much the head of it makes; it seals the deal for me that it's the best charity I could possibly give to. The rest can go suck it.

    Hope you feel better soon, Poopie!