Friday, February 1, 2019

andy lives

This past week has been surreal for the Fisher family and our community.  As one faithful servant was being laid to rest another died right behind her.  I did an interview today with some folks and we remembered who owned what property back in the day.  That family's name kept coming up regarding downtown.  My daddy always referred to Ms. Charlene of the Blue Mountain Conservatory of Music.  She taught me piano in her house.  And became a teacher as did Big John. BG took swimming lessons from Mr. John. Both of their kids grew up to be pastors.  I have known the entire family including cousins most all of my life.

I worked with Andy at the hospital for many years when he was a paramedic.  He even began to teach EMT courses at DSCC.  If I called 911 today I probably wouldn't know the folks on it.  Hey...I've been gone for a year.  Dan and Joe I can count on, right?  It pays to have connections.  I feel sure there was a trail of EMS trucks in the procession.  I've been doing my own prep work on arrangements because I really don't want Lauren to be digging for pictures at the last minute.  I've even got a playlist, right Chucky?

I enjoyed the luxury of sitting and talking with peers today.  We know each other through community, family and networking and that combined history is the catalyst for something bigger than us.  All we can do is the next right thing.


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