Wednesday, February 27, 2019

the real deal

Today, for the first time, Reaves held my finger in her tiny little fist and walked beside me.  Out to the car then all over the grass at the place we went to eat.  This was following two hours of her couch climbing while I watched the Republican asshats preach at Michael Cohen.  His 20 page testimony was published before the hearing yet it went on and on with people asking dumb questions and taking to the bully pulpit. He's a liar, they said.  No shit.  That's why he's going to jail.  But you know what?  When you throw people under the bus like Trump has done you get what you gave.  It was kind of comical seeing the split screen with Cohen on one half and Trump and Kim on the other.  Lerd, what a mess.

The water is still rising and it looks like a very long flood season.  I remember going to the riverfront in Paducah where the Mississipi and Ohio merge.  I have been to Hickman landing where the mudslide happened and also to WK Ford which stays underwater when it's like this.  Oh, and that one in Arkansas past Osceola.  And why did I go to all these places?  Because of Lewis and Clark's modern day version at Quapaw Canoe.  John Ruskey and Michael Clark took off on a recreation of the original journey on a big anniversary.  They chronicled their adventures in educational stage productions at schools near them.  Clark is a teacher in St. Louis.  Ruskey runs the Quapaw business in Clarksdale.  My poi*nt is this.  People with a purpose and a passion pass history on to others and the next generation.  I am thrilled to see all those young people in Congress and the possibility of term limits.  Out with the aging old codgers.  Not that I'm calling Mitch a codger or anything.


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