Saturday, February 2, 2019

walking the yard

I have these friends who used to throw a "come on summer" party in February.  At the time I thought they were nuts but I totally get it now.  Things start popping up in February right on schedule with a couple of warm days.  There are actually buds on some of the buttercups.  The next polar vortex will kick their asses.  After work I wandered around in the sun piddling and picking up stray trash.  Ellie leaves a long trail.  

I'm going to Jackson tomorrow and I had this bright idea that I would take Reaves to the UMC up the street at Lambuth.  After sleeping on that idea I surmised that she would never sit still that long and probably would have to go to the nursery.  Too much trouble.  We'll have to wait until Lauren and I can double team her.  

A cardinal swooped in to say hello from my Daddy when I was at work.  I say hey to him every time that happens.  The way I see it I'm a real mosaic of two totally different parents.  From my mother I got the cooking and creating things.  And from daddy, well it's a love of nature.  I even watch animal shows now!  I saw a whole litter of skunks get released today on the teevee.  Them, I do not love.  Or snakes.

I will never forget the day I hit one on the way to the sawmill and went inside stinking to high heaven.  My co-workers checked me all day as I tried to get rid of the stank.  I got scrubs from surgery and carried on.  You could smell it in the car for a week.  

Y'all play nice and do kind things.  Progressive things.  Loving things.  It's what Jesus did.   


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