Friday, February 15, 2019

anger issues

There are angry rednecks everywhere, not just in the south.  However, this one particular incident did happen in the South just today.  My friend was at a diner eating alone and minding her own business within easy hearing distance of a table full of good old boys.  The bad guy piped up declaring loudly that the way to deal with border control is to "kill all them kids in the cages and put their heads on a stick and wave 'em around as a warning to stay away."  About the time my friend began to cry the other guys all threw down their forks, pushed away plates and one of them told the one on the bully pulpit that he did not speak for him with his warped views.  My friend was still crying and the nice dude stuck with her until she could get her shit together enough to drive.  So did the waitress.  That was bad enough.

She arrived at a business to do some chores and the TV was tuned into Trump's speech or ramble or whatever the hell it was.  She couldn't find the remote to shut it off.  About this time some country gal came prancing in shouting "There's my man!  He's the bomb!!!"  Um, okay then.  That was about too much for one person to absorb without going postal.  Instead she just cried some more and we talked it through.  I have no clue what I would do but I'll probably find out before it's all over.  

This dude was just blowing smoke but think about what he suggested:  Killing innocent migrant children that WE put into cages and camps because CARAVAN! DRUGS! GANGS!  There was no teleprompter so he kind of stumbled through the whole thing not making much sense as usual.  Plus he sniffed a lot which is habitual.  I'm thinking he snorts something.  

I prayed during that speech.  For our country and all the division that has us hating instead of reaching out.  Prayers continued throughout the day.  For peace.  For it to be over.  My own church is more than likely about to split over the issue of same sex marriage.  Traditionally, we have not been kind to gay people and they just went away.  That was many years ago but I remember it well when the topic first came up at General conference and people were jumping off the bleachers in despair.  You know where I stand.  I'll answer to God on that one.

I refuse to let the bastards get me down.  I realize the strategy here now that Ann Coulter has flipped.  They're just doing damage control for 2020.  Can you imagine how 45 is going to read in his little piece of history?  And no dude.  You don't have executive privilege to control that one.  It is what it is.

If you can't be positive, at least shut the hell up.  That's an order.


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