Thursday, February 14, 2019

red flag

I knew it was too good to be true that Trump agreed to sign the spending bill.  That's not how he rolls.  No, he will have his way or else by declaring a federal emergency.  So be it and good luck in the courts with that one dude.  I don't even know why I care anymore.  Our voices are not heard and our wishes are not taken into consideration.  Good old America.  

I got a valentine in spite of myself and it made my day.  When I showed up this morning I had forgotten it was the day of love but of course it was all over the teevee and FB.  It also happens to be what would have been my parents' 65th wedding anniversary.  They planned it just for cupid to be in on the nuptials.  

Looks like the water will stop before it covers my road which is, as Martha would say, "a good thing."  Those folks near the Mississippi and Obion are another story.  Lorna told me Bogota is flooded just like South Dyersburg.  It happens a lot at both places.  I don't even look down when I go over the 51S bridge because it freaks me out to see it that high.  There are so many potholes on that bridge that one bump could send you flying into Lake Forked Deer.  

Here's hoping that your sweetheart(s) remember you with love and undying devotion.  And if all else fails, just know you have that from me and the pack out here.


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