Thursday, February 21, 2019

hit me again

I finally broke down and went to the urgent care this morning after getting tested for flu, strep and CBC.  It makes it a lot easier when you bring your own stuff.  Cheaper too!  Brooke and I used to work together and she advised me to have a sinus cocktail plus Rocephin so I got one in each hip.  That should kick it in the butt.  

The road department was here this morning working on the crater at the end of the lane.  It now has rip rap and was dug out to improve drainage.  We shall see if the three upcoming days of rain force me out.  

I've been too sick to really notice what's going on in the real world so no comment.  Y'all all know what I think about the circus anyway.  So, this is short and sweet.  I lost all my phone contacts so call or message me so I can get you back on the call list!

Namaste ~

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