Thursday, February 7, 2019

trudging through

When I left the house early morning it was 71 degrees and was starting to rain again.  Last night's thunder and lightning were a blur as we headed into an all day steady downpour.  The neighbor texted to tell me the electricity was out probably due to pecan limbs on a wire.  It was back on after I prayerfully drove through the biggest water I've seen on the lane in quite some time.  "Please don't stop....go girl."  I breathed a sigh of relief when I made it through that river.  My shoes were already soaked but I did NOT want to hike up the hill. Tonight's low will be 22.  There's an old saying about the weather in TN that goes something like "if you don't like it today, it will be different by tomorrow" which is totally true.  It's like we have manic depressive disorder in the skies around here.  The hatred continues for all things non GOP and I just don't get it.  I mean, sure we all need to work together on important things.  Building a wall is not one of those, in my honest opinion.  In Arizona on the border National Guard troops have been pulled and the citizens surrounded by razor wire are not real happy with the safety of that whole deal.  We have had some great and not so great leaders in my lifetime.  But I have never witnessed the disdain directed at our country like we have at present.  Once a highly respected world leader, we are a laughing stock.  MAGA my ass.  With Russia involved, we will never be great.

As if we don't have enough worries, some dimwits are taking offense to the Coke napkins to get a flight mate's phone number.  "Inappropriate" they say.  What?  It's cute and if you don't want to do it, just say no.  Seriously.  If we all got that excited about climate change we wouldn't be in this mess.  Yes people.  It is real.  Science doesn't lie.

Carry on with grace and dignity.  Love ya....mean it ^j^

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