Sunday, February 3, 2019


It's a beautiful day in the hood and I headed over to Jackson to see the girls.  We had lunch at Los Portales and Reaves entertained everybody there.  The baby on my phone ( her ) got a big old salsa kiss right on the screen.  I am frantic without a phone which is sad, but true.  I got about halfway home and started scratching for it....almost ran off the road.  It was obviously not there.  Lerd.

I got home and messaged Lauren on FB to look for it and she found it in the bathroom.  I'm trying to find somebody who's going to Jackson today or tomorrow to pick it up.  Otherwise, I'm phoneless until she can overnight it to me.  I seriously need a keeper.  Since that is my alarm, I had to stop at the 'gentral and buy a cheap LED clock.  No Super Bowl here and not really because of the Saints.  Just because I don't like professional football.  

And then there was Lily's big adventure.  I left the door open yesterday to air out and bird got in.  It was going apeshit crazy so I just left it alone.  Early this morning I heard meowing of a strange sort and went to the bathroom to find feathers all over the floor.  Poor birdie.

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands.  

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