Wednesday, February 6, 2019

color coded

Well y'all...I watched.  It was comical and sad and I think they medicated him to keep the rage down.  I noticed the GOP section all in red ties and dresses but the winners of the evening were the folks in white.  I caught up this morning by watching Stacey's rebuttal and Colbert's take on things with the CBS folks.  Speaker Pelosi was propped up ( in white ) over his shoulder sitting next to Pence.  Can you imagine how hard that was???  It's about to be game on with the whole deal so let's hold hands and sing Kumbaya.  Virtually, of course.

I stayed up late and got up at a decent enough hour to troll downtown for pictures.  I got one, with the others scheduled for Friday.  Joe Yates stood patiently as I got the lens unstuck on the sassy red camera.  All Yankee candles are on sale for 12.99 and I picked up a salty caramel just because.  It feels good to be able to splurge now and then.  

It was warm and humid enough that I actually have the AC on while the low for tomorrow night is forecast to be 22.  I also picked up the prints of some photographs for the Shoot Dyer County contest.  It helps that I can use older photos now because previously they had to be taken in the last calendar year.  It will cost me 55 bucks total but it's an investment.  

Peace and grace ^j^

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