Friday, February 8, 2019

janie's law

It's pretty much a corollary of Murphy's where everything that can go wrong will.  Usually when you least expect it.  After yesterday's drive through the water and fifty degree temperature drop I found myself with a central unit blowing cool air and it wouldn't even turn off.  Sooo...I covered all the vents, shut the bedroom door and wrapped up with quilts and dogs.  HVAC people don't make housecalls at night ya know.  Anywho, this morning I got the word that the igniter was out and the part couldn't be here until Monday.  Holy moly and it's going to be 22 again tonight.  I went on about my business which included chasing folks around for pictures and lunch with my friends.  Cathy works at the Lake Road Amoco and I left right behind she and Carol.  As I walked to my car I noticed that I had a flat so like a dumbass I drove it down to Cathy's work ( we got there the same time ) where it was discovered that the wall was blown and I had to have a new one.  Alrighty then.  They didn't have my size so dude had to go pick one up because obviously I couldn't drive somewhere else.  So....more quality time with Cathy!  Carol gave me some beautiful jewelry that she made herself and I will cherish it.  

On the way home I stopped by Gigi's to pick up some heaters to get me through the night and as if by magic Corey called to say they had the part and were on the way.  Can you say EXCITED!  The old me would be frettin' and worrying over every little thing that happens.  Somewhere along the road God gave me the faith to let Him handle it so that it's not my worry.  

What a gift ^j^

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