Tuesday, February 5, 2019

into the mystic

There was very thick fog this morning on the way to work that hung around until about 9 before it drifted off. Then about two hours later it hit again harder than before.  By the time I left it was history except for in the lowlands like out here at the lane. I think the high was 70ish but that will soon be history.  The deep freeze is coming back to bite the buttercups.  

I finally have all my tax info together but haven't had the time to crunch numbers.  From what I've heard the new law isn't too kind to us little people.  Let's all pray about that one.  I'm beginning to see daylight and I sure don't need another hit.

So tonight Trump with be a sandwich filling in between two women Democratic senators which I think is pretty cool.  Whomever thought that one up is a genius!  I'll watch it all on the innerwebs when they're done.  No...surely somebody will live stream.  Technology....gotta love it.

Totally off point, I've seen all the ruckus caused by Liam coming out with his story because I think the conversation needs to be heard.  Not just with him but with all of us.  Racism is alive and real.  He had the courage to give us an inside interpretation of how it works.  

Y'all enjoy tonight.  The icing on the SOTU cake will be Colbert live.

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