Saturday, February 9, 2019

sons of other mothers

A friend and I were just having a long conversation about true friends.  He considers me A#1.  There's a another younger guy whose life is harrowing at the moment who also comes to me for a chance to vent.  Both of these men and a lot of other folks look to me for support because I don't try to talk much and just listen to what they say.  If I'm on a rant, they're on the other end and act accordingly.  If there's a natural disaster of some sort, my tribe has my back.

I remember distinctly the day I had a kitchen table full of teenage girls doing art therapy like I did on my first session with Beverly.  The arts are healing, especially when personalized in that way.  Try coloring sometime.  Great meditation.  

Each of us was born with a purpose.  In our lifetime, we may not see the full extent of that.  The important thing is to leave a legacy of kindness and integrity that inspires the ones who are still on the caravan, so to speak.  Like our kids and grandkids.  Reaves has the flu and I haven't had a shot but she snotted all over me last Sunday so I imagine I'm officially "exposed."  Daycares are being closed due to the high rate of influenza.

Y'all look on the sunny side.  Over the rainbow.  Whatever makes you happy ^j^

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