Thursday, October 11, 2018


We have a reunion planned for Saturday afternoon at the Pritchett/Thurmon cottage on Upper Finley Road.  It will be laid back, jeans and hoodies and hay bales around the fire.  More than likely I'll take Bernie with me.  There is shopping to do but Patsye has the decorations totally done.  She's manic like that!  

I took Mamye to drop her car off at Nissan this morning and she bought me breakfast and a bottle of Salty Caramel.  Next time we'll go to Coby's for breakfast.  Cracker Barrel? meh.  The car wasn't ready at the appointed time so I took her home, slept off the breakfast and took her back with a stop or two along the way.  All this, in the ratty ass trusty old Camry.  With no hubcaps or passenger side door handle.  Must. Find. Car.  I'm counting on Pinky to help with that.  

I ran out to Patsye's and dropped off a couple of things but she was at her Mama's house.  I certainly know how that goes.  Her Daddy and his bunch are out here now finishing up beans and plowing up corn fields.  'Tis the season.  

I have a date with a friend and a dog in a plane sometime soon.  It's been in maintenance and comes out tomorrow.  I can't wait to see this farm from the air.  Have camera, will fly.  Actually I'm not scared at all because of trust and faith.

The dear one who planned his entire trip to Canada back to Memphis just in time for our reunion had to head back to his home in Panama City post Michael.  Darryl has been a very good friend to me for a long time.  Annie is precious.  I hope they have a home left when they get there.  

Other than that? Rainbows and unicorns.  I refuse to be sucked into negativity.  There's a reason for everything and this too shall pass if we leave room for the spirit to work ^j^

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