Sunday, March 11, 2018

easter people

My Daddy used to joke about the people who only came to church on Easter and Christmas.  I was never one of those.  While I was attending I was there just about every Sunday with Lauren in tow.  She grew up there like I did, very Methodist.  She was an acolyte and was confirmed and joined in about the sixth grade I guess.  Neither of us go to church regularly anymore.  She quit going as a tween when the youth director left to go to seminary but I soldiered on as SS teacher to that age group.  They were a tough crowd to play, just saying.  More than one teacher quit or left in tears.  Said youth director is now long ordained and pastors his own church.  When I was in high school we got our first "official" youth director who was associate pastor.  He pulled the diehards together and we had a voice in things for what it was worth.  After high school, I never went back until Lauren was 2 years old and my daddy told me to "get that child in church."  Yes sir.  

Though I still know the doxology by heart, my spirituality is more out in the world these days.  I have heart to heart discussions with people about God and how He has worked in my life and the lives of others.  Now that I have some time, I will volunteer to help the least of these.  Opportunities abound every single day to do what Jesus would do.  But to do that, you have to be humble enough not to take credit for your service.  Those folks are the ones that make me wanna' slap somebody.  

Holy Week is right around the corner and I like the noon services that are held locally.  They rotate from church to church by the year and it's a totally community inspiring experience to walk that road together.  

Not to be whiny BUT....I still hurt.  I'm trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I'm 62 and that's part of it so suck it up buttercup.  Chronic pain management is a slippery slope amidst this "war on opiates."  The people who are dying in this epidemic are a far cry from this old gal who just counts on a micro dose to function.  I spent time in the yard yesterday picking up wandering to see the latest bloom.  I am determined to keep going THROUGH the pain until I get my body into better shape.  Three months as a sloth has given me the initiative to do things I can do for my health like walk the lane.  At one time I walked 2.5 miles a day.....up the golf course hill ad back.  I did dance aerobics in my 30s.  All of this has kept me relatively healthy but I've slacked and it's time to change that.  

I'm still going through boxes and totes of pictures and other odd things and purging.  Each family member now has a pile of pictures in a box with their name.  Tommy got the Brooks shoe box yesterday.  Work on the cabin is ongoing and tedious as foundation things will be.  I's an old house that's on concrete blocks.  The crawlspace is now wide open.  

I have never in my life been so sick of rain.  Hopefully it will be a good thing for the farmers when the waters recede.  My thermostat changes from heat to air day by day.  Tennessee weather.  Gotta' love it.  

Happy Daylight Saving Time.  Hope you weren't late for church ^j^

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