Wednesday, February 19, 2014

walking in memphis

Last night's trip was quite productive and I was kind of in awe of the way that when people focus on the task at hand and deal with the emotions that come up it can be healing. There was a lot of anger and tons or remorse..but ya know? I saw both sides of addiction in action. This one precious girl who was next to me in "the circle" was sobbing so bad she couldn't read her letter to dad. Her aunt was on the other side so we helped her up to the plate and she became less of a victim and more of a boundary setter. She left the place with a piece of paper with my name on it, and a phone number. I so know how she feels.

I witnessed some real intense emotional stuff in a setting where it's easy to paint the addict as the bad guy when in reality it's always a tradeoff for something or another. Until the trauma is addressed and released, it continues to haunt. I ran into one of my least favorite kids early this morning on the way to work and she proceeded to tell me about her bad night with a bottle of Captain Morgan while walking down a country road because her sperm donor put a gun to his head. What.The.Fuck.Ever. I'd like to find that inner child and kick its' little ass! In a whiny high pitched tone of voice she pleaded with me to tell her why her mama hates her so much. And I wasn't even late for work.

Today's weather was glorious and inspired many to venture forth and do yard work and whatnot only I was mostly at work and then picking up season 4 of Nurse Jackie and the 1st of hotass badguy Kevin Spacey. It was pricey, let me tell ya' but nothing's too good for me. We have cuticle remover and fungus killer and all sorts of exotic things that won't bring world peace but will sure as hell make my life a bit less painful. As we were winding through Danny Thomas toward Poplar and our destination, I marveled at how all the magical giant centers of medicine had gathered down by the river...well, except for the Baptists who all moved East. My only visit to Beale was on a night when some fool decided to bring a gun and shoot into the crowd just when I was enjoying my steak from Doe's Place.

The busy highway that connects all points in west Tennessee is dotted with communities that have sprung up and put down roots and dollar stores all along the concrete road. Medical helicopter services work with ERs in and and around most of these facilities so that it is actually capable of reaching people before they die in the back of an ambulance from trauma. I can't IMAGINE being a first responder like that. So continuing our musical theme here, we passed the birthplaces of both Tina Turner and Isaac Hayes on the way to big Shelby. Plus a very swollen Hatchie river! Albert's cabins are still there right before Frayser and the 'hood on Danny Thomas looks new and improved. One of my favorite concerts was at the Rainbow Room at the airport Hilton featuring Ike and Tina when they were still a duo in about, 1976. I managed to make it to Mud Island for some adult concerts, but back in the day it was Coliseum or Auditorium North Hall. Doobie Brothers and Steve Martin there. If I'm lying I'm dying.

More later. Staying up past 7PM wore me out.

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