Friday, February 28, 2014

smooth operator

Sade, if you must know and I didn't until i searched the music channel that wants me to pay for phone privileges which I most likely will do. With as many people as we've got around here one needs a total escape from reality now and then. I see people driving with ear buds all the time and have to wonder if they would hear it if somebody was honking to high heaven to avoid a wreck. Blue tooth is mandatory for those on big city freeways which are, in my opinion, for the birds. I suppose you could say that I'm spoiled to the convenience of getting home in ten minutes. is short. Gotta' maximize that downtime!

I'm taking a raincheck on Booger's big party at the activity center because I need some Poopie time while they're having fun. I'll see him on his real birthday for sure. This little guy has brought so much joy to our family that I can't remember him not being around. Shannah said that it snowed the day he was born which I totally forgot but I do remember going to see them and how sweet they were. Little did I know that we'd be roommates within a year. Mysterious ways, that's how old Big Ernie works.

I'm having mixed feelings about the whole state of our union and the world which includes a whole helluva lot of anger toward the Tea party and their total lack of respect for the sacrifices that our veterans have made. The war machine has invaded every country there is that even might bear some resemblance to jihad including Asians in the 60's and Iraqis and Afghans most recently. The very men and women who are returning from that war with PTSD out the ass join the ones from Vietnam who got spit on like traitors. You wanna know where the heroin connection started? Bingo.

With that being said I'm just glad to be at home with nowhere to go. How pitiful is that? At least I'm easily entertained is all I can say. I've been double dipping back into Nurse Jackie and exploring House of Cards for recreation time outside of blog,FB and repeat. There is a dull ache somewhere down in my soul that is probably a sign of living long enough to know that life isn't fair and pain befalls each and everyone of us. HOWEVER..a haughty heart is something that God don't like, right Miss 'Nita? I'm not taking suggestions for a new brunch eatery for Sunday. As long as I can treasure that one hour when my parents and I are a family again, it's all good.

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