Sunday, February 23, 2014


Okay now where was I going with that? It's totally the fault of my music provider because I jump around on there like a teenager changing stations to hear a particular song one more time. One of my roommates and I just had a therapeutic after church chat before I sent him away for Poopie time. Mom and Daddy and I went to the Sunday Chicken and pancakes place and to the Dairy Queen for three weeks worth of dilly bars. You'd think there was gonna be a flood or something! They are so cute now, trying not to kill each other on the way to the grave and even managing to get in lots of giggles. I think the biggest reason for all this is that she has gone her own way instead of trying to make him change. I could have told her that would NEVER work.

With each passing day I look at the world and the shape that we're in and how really very arrogant of us it is to assume that it will always be there for us in spite of bad stewardship on the part of many. By selling out to corporate, our nation has turned into one where basic rights and human needs are being denied because of a pissing contest in Washington. Big banking floated the entire false sense of security that was the housing boom and bust. We are not yet recovered as an economy, so to speak, from what happened when an entire generation lost their retirement investments while we spent billions and lost many many US lives because of the greed that is?was? Halliburton.

Here's the deal for all of you corporate types. We don't have to compete with Asian countries for manufacturing if we teach Americans the process instead of going for the cheapest way possible to produce goods. And with lead paint forgodssake! If I thought it would do any good I'd holler state's rights and plan a coup but all I see in the near future is sheeple called the tea party. All the HuffPost and DailyKos in the world can't stop that bullshit. But hey...ya'll keep trying.

And as always, keep the faith ^j^

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