Monday, February 24, 2014

so goes the nation

I got to chat politics with one of my bosses today who would just happen to also hate the POTUS with a passion but he came off of it after awhile when we both agreed that the GOP is doing nothing to make itself look like a real contender in 2016. If they can find a woman as smart as Hillary amongst their ranks, I say serve her up but please don't go strictly by the cute.sweet.familyvalueloving.cheerleader for diehard Republicans. I can't tell you how many guys said they like Palin just because she's "hot." And she can see Russia from her house. The minute I got an up close look at that family I knew for sure they were a major chapter in dysfunction 101. Once they lost their screen value, it was back to ice hunting for her.

This is not to say that I approve of everything Obama has been about. He waited too long to make moves toward decriminalizing and the whole Mexican gang thing got out of hand. Now that they know we can "grow our own" so to speak, the cartels will collapse or kill each other. I did not approve of the corporate bailout that he orchestrated because I believe we already knew at that time a new day was coming, one in which anarchy rules and civilization rises and falls. How presumptuous of us to think that our little bitty speck of a life is worth more than someone who hasn't had the same opportunities.We have just witnessed the end of a 13 year war in which Dick Cheney made more money than could ever be spent while we sacrificed an entire generation of young people by bribing them with the good stuff and failing them in the end. The invasion of Iraq was and will always be the legacy of two presidents neither of which listened to the people even when they spoke above the noise and below the drones. Peace...give it a chance.

So my Monday was made just by meeting a conservative within spittin' distance and not feeling anger. He told me about how some wise old guy somewhere talked about the rise and fall of civilizations and tribes over the years. Yeah..I know, right? Meanwhile, my friend Mahala over there in the holler is getting bad marks at work and she's just dying to be waiting to be fired for her next typo. My experience with that particular situation, which I can say has been my life for the past year is this: Shit rolls downhill and everybody has a boss. If there's only one then you are blessed because most everybody today has a corporate family tree like you've never seen. When our generation began to take more than we gave, the next generation suffered.

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