Monday, February 10, 2014

maybe i'm amazed

Since there is no cable or satellite here on the lane I missed the Beatles 50th anniversary special last night. Well, I was in bed way before then, but that's beside the point. I have found with roommates that you sleep when it's quiet and not much else, except with a box fan. My pitiful little fan doesn't put out enough white noise to cover the crickets chirping! Every day is an adventure and a learning experience and I have to believe that Big Ernie put this squarely on my plate right as things were changing overall. To see my minor struggles compared to those of a young single working mother kind of puts my aches and pains into perspective. That bad shoulder with the bitch perched on the blade is giving me fits, a constant reminder that I too shall fall again. Hey..the original ice is still there. It's cold as shit and windy and more snow is in the forecast. My friend Rose in Philadelphia put it like this "If I had wanted to live in Minnesota I would have moved there." This? Is for the birds.

Booger gets his cast on today so maybe he'll be a lil' more comfy with the ankle thing. His poor mama still blames herself for falling on the ice but it's the kind of accident that happens before you know it, especially when in a hurry. If I had been holding a baby he would have gone flying across the sawmill parking lot. Tori turns 13 today and I slipped her some birthday bucks before she left for school. Her brother was pissed (surprise) because she was taking too long to get ready. Oh lord, does he have a few things to learn about women.

It's nice to see the sun even if not full on, and white clouds vs the big grey precipity ones. What? It's a word. Sunsets here are spectacular overlooking the entire farm from one or two locations. The clubhouse that I referred to the other day was to sit in the primo spot so that business executives could hob nob and play. Once upon a time my father was told that the city government was about to condemn the land on which I live to enlarge said golf course. The charge was being led by one particular guy who built a four lane road straight to the factory that he worked in. Little did they know, the owner was an attorney so he hopped a private jet and showed up at the board meeting to nix it. It always pays to research who you're trying to screw. Anywho, it never happened and a private developer built one surrounded by homes that reflect it in price, complete with pool and party house. The city course behind me stays very busy when the weather is good and the airport sits just on the other side. Once upon a flood, we drove across the runway to get home from the back way. Down by hole #2 and across the field. That's when the crackhead almost killed me in the back of a pickup...but that's a whole 'nother story. Keep the faith ya'll.

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